Our New Plasswood Venetians are Resistant to direct sunlight

and moisture. The New Plasswood Venetian:

Easy to clean, Anti-static build-up, Wood grain texture The

width is now available up to 2900mm


Wooden Venetians Ladder Webbing Tape (Traditional Style) Is available at an additional charges  

Wooden Venetians Create a warm, homely  atmosphere and is a perfect option for those who want to combine beauty and function

The 50mm wooden venetian blind is the premium blind solution that is versatile & perfect for creating modern, uncluttered look in your home. The wide 50mm slat and variety of colours will make your window a fantastic feature of your decor &

New 50mm Plaswood Venetians  - Plaswood blinds are synthetic, they are easy to clean and durable plus they do not warp, crack or split Anti-static build-up, Wood grain texture, resistantant to direct sunlight and moisture.  Avai